Instructor: Mrs. Macechko (Mrs. M.)   

Did you know elementary counselors… 
  • Teach classroom guidance lessons on a variety of topics based on academic, personal/social, and career domains? 
  • Counsel individual students as needed and maintain confidentiality? 
  • Work with small groups of children with similar concerns? 
  • Consult with teachers and assist them in meeting individual student needs? 
  • Coordinate referrals to school and community agencies? 
  • Assist parents with resources? 
The school counselor is available to all elementary students. Guidance and counseling programs, activities, and services focus on helping children experience healthy growth for future success. Please feel free to call me if you have concerns or questions. I am looking forward to an exciting school year!

Department Announcements
School Counseling Student Survey

Parent Resource Center

Did you know Bellview has a Parent Resource Center? The Parent Resource Center contains DVDs, audio CDs, videos, and books on a wide variety of parenting topics.   The PTA enabled Bellview to purchase many different Love and Logic materials as well as children’s books on specific topics such as ADHD, going to the hospital, grief, lying, etc…thank you PTA!!  If you are interested in a particular topic, stop by the Parent Resource Center and/or check with the counselor to see if we have any materials that might help to address your specific need. 




Parents Seeking Jobs
Parents: If you are considering going into the workforce, if you are considering changing career paths, if you have a teenager who is considering various opportunities after graduating from high school or college, if you find yourself or a loved one unemployed, or if you are simply interested in career opportunities...this website might just be right for you! Check out the site at
Help Needed?
Individual counseling is available to all students at the request of students, parents, teachers or administrators.

Department Links
Academic Websites
Bullying Resources
Child Safety
    ACIC stands for Arkansas Crime Information Center. Families can get important information on sexual offenders through this website.
    This website offers several free services to help keep families safe. For example, families can put in the address they would like to search around. Family Watchdog will show them a map of their area displaying the offenders near them.
Grief Resources
Internet Safety
Mental Health
Reading Aloud with Children
This website provides age specific videos about successfully reading aloud with children.

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Department Contacts
Macechko, Whitney
Business:  479-631-3605
- Pendergraft, Vicki
 Pendergraft, Vicki
Business:  631-3605
Mrs. Pendergraft is at Bellview on Wednesday afternoons.